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1972 book claimed that being a hippie is a mental illness, can be inherited genetically

Psychedelic '60s: Home Page

1967: The truth about the summer of love

worth1000.com's If Hippies Ruled.

The Hippie Trail

Hippy Shops Directory

Growing up with hippie parents

American Experience | Summer of Love. 'In the summer of 1967, thousands of young people from across the country flocked to San Francisco's Haight Ashbury district to join in the hippie experience, only to discover that what they had come for was already disappearing. By 1968 the celebration of free love, music, and an alternative lifestyle had descended into a maelstrom of drug abuse, broken dreams, and occasional violence...'

The Woodstock Preservation Alliance Archives

Anti-Hippie Action League

Pictures of women with extremely long hair

Hippie Horrors

Beard Community Gallery

Psychedelic '60s

Welcome to Hippyland.

Hippie Havens.

What does the Bible say about hair length?


Anti-Hippie Action League: Hippie Horrors.

What exactly is a Hippie?.

Hippie speak.

Hippy Calendar, sort of like mmChronic's on this day thingy but hippy stuff. And a Hippy timeline.

60s Hippies

Travel back in time to Woodstock 1969.

How about some Hippy names for your newborn.

Don't leave without visiting Wavy Gravy's homepage. Still known as Hugh Romney, he stood on the Woodstock stage and announced, "What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for 400,000!"

Hippy quotes.

M'am, I'm here to check your house for parasites ... apparently, you have hippies.
Why Hippies Must Die and What Cartman Says About the Subject.

Are you one? Take the Hippy Quiz to find out.

Hippyland Glossary.

More Hippies quotes.

Some more Hippy links.

Old hippies

Hippy Shopper.

Hippie Havens.

What Hippies are good for.

Top 10 Reasons Why Hippies Suck.


Communism:Threat To Liberty. 1961 Comic.

Subservient Stickman. The same as the chicken and bartender doing the rounds recently. Tip:Most rude words get a response. :)

Concise Timetable of Beer History.

Redneck Photo's

9/11 Pictures and videos. Warning:Disturbing images.

50 Coolest websites.

A Walk Through Time. Interesting.

Loads of funny pictures

Strip Dir 3.
Strip Dir 3 is a useful PHP based tool that allows you to 'strip' the images out of an Open Directory (Open Dir), Image Board or any website.
All you have to do is enter the URL of the page and click Strip!
But the best thing is that you can download all images in once! When you've stripped a page you can select several (or all) images and Strip Dir will generate a ZIP file for you to download, containing the images you've selected! It's can't be any easier!

Star Wars Kid videos.

Shakespearean Insulter.

Razanne : The Muslim Barbie Doll.

GQ's 100 Funniest jokes.

Kalamafree. Where everything is free. You pay the postage.

Headacher. Guaranteed to give you one.

Thanks to Idle Type, Steve King's
"Best of the Best"
, Presurfer and Growabrain.


Teen becomes first jailed in U.K. for cyberbullying

UK video pirates could challenge convictions

10 Humiliating Reasons People Have Been Arrested

Burglar leaves his Facebook page on victim’s computer

Street Justice -- Robbers Getting Surprised With Beatdowns

French Prisoner In Cardboard Box Jailbreak

Girls rescued from fake 'Big Brother'

Weirdest Prisons -- Why Settle for Boring Incarceration?

Upset police shoot complaining fire chief in Arkansas courtroom

Using A Rotary Phone As A Burglar Alarm

Police dog handler locks herself in kennel

Pictures of prison by Steve Peixotto

Police seize Maradona's earrings

Police at Dover Docks nab driver who replaced suspension with tennis balls

Andy Warhol Paintings Stolen from L.A. Home

Royal police officer 'ran £3m con from Buckingham Palace'

Couple flee after bank makes $10m mistake and Facebook blunder betrays NZ millionaires.

Netherlands to close prisons for lack of criminals

Canadian cop's beer clue leads to jail for U.S. pedophile

Pick the Perp. My best streak of correct answers was 4.

Help me! Burglar stuck on roof

Dad kills daughter for 'love'

Man acting like dog arrested on drug charges

Police in Germany hunted a sinister phantom killer for two years after finding the same DNA at 39 different crime scenes - only to discover that the source was a woman who made the cotton buds used to collect the sample!

Thousands of 'cold cases' could be reopened thanks to new DNA technique

Montreal student sounds alert over planned U.K. school attack

Cops Get Bored at Work Just Like You and Me

Man wrongly jailed for 27 years walks free ... and is hit by a taxi

Top 10 Unsolved Murders

Victim will get to blind the man who blinded her

Inmate arrested trying to get back in jail

4 Creative Law Enforcement Techniques in the National Parks

Top 10 Botched Bank Robberies

Cop makes arrest in bathroom after smelling crack :)

Prison In Austria

10 Most Bizarre Arrests

Ohio woman pleads guilty in over-exercising death

Tampa teens try to steal occupied cop car

Property seizure by police called 'highway piracy'

15 Most Unfortunate Haircuts for a Mugshot

Saudi judge sentences pregnant gang-rape victim to 100 lashes for committing adultery

Identical twin escapes hanging in Malaysia after judge fails to tell brothers apart

Texas inmate gouges out last good eye and eats it

21 Dumbest Criminals of the 21st Century (So Far)

If You Commit a Felony, Don't Google It or You'll Go to Jail

Dumb criminals

Amtrak police arrest photographer participating in Amtrak photo contest

Don't lie to cops about your name when it's tattooed on your neck

Cops: Suspects printed out armed robbery blueprint from Internet

Man charged over viral baby-swinging video

Mug Shot Metamorphosis

Pills and porridge: prisons in crisis as struggling pensioners turn to crime

Inside Baghdad's Rusafa prison

Top 10 Fugitives in the World Still on the Run

The 7 Most Retarded Criminal Excuses of All Time

Jamaica puzzled by theft of beach. More here.

Coolest Lawyer Ever

A one-legged prisoner escaped — by outpacing three able-bodied guards

The poo-poo terrorist has been arrested

Inmate escapes German jail in box

Slot machine 'hunt' for fugitives

Why You Should Never Try to Steal a Law Student's Laptop

FBI file details Knievel's dark side

Teen Plots Mother's Murder To Pay For Girlfriend's Breast Implants

9 of the largest robberies of all time

Is Jack the Ripper buried in Australia?

10 Stupid Laws Around the World

Ohio mother put baby girl in microwave

Forgotten, man sits in jail for two years

Nudist vows to hike on after jail

Top 10 Notorious Prisons

Fat police weighing down patrol cars

Up to 8,500 former members of the armed forces are serving sentences in UK prisons

10 Reasons You Don’t Want to Go to Angola Prison

Crime Does Pay: 6 Criminals Who Lived Very, Very Well

Top 10 Amazing Prison Escapes

Unlucky Thief Gets Impaled

Chicken Crosses The Road, Then Abandoned By Thief

The World's Greatest Art Heists

The Top Ten Myths in FBI History

Crime maps to show offences for every street

The Brutal Cop Photo

Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives

13 Things You Won't Believe Are Against the Law Somewhere

'Baghdad-style' checkpoints in US capital

Men Rob Store Wearing Women's Thongs on Their Heads

Courthouse Confessions

Notice the resemblance in these father and son mug shots?

The most dangerous gang in America

SWAT! - Photo Essays

In a Swedish prison (8 photos)

Police Make Headway In Baltimore Co. Mystery. Quite a mystery.

Pirate attacks around the world rise by 20pc

Canton Council proposes jail time for tall grass

Man barred from posting crimes on YouTube

21 Best Mugshots Evar

Alleged Thief Takes Own Mug Shot

Mother shot 8-year-old daughter in leg to win $1 bet

Famous Trials

Man's guilt doubted after 26 years in prison

6 Flicks That Drove Crazies to Kill

1 in 100 U.S. Adults Behind Bars

7 Disturbing Unsolved Crimes

Mobster tombstones from Dnepropetrovsk

Some of The Worst Police Actions in Recent Memory

Guess My Crime!

Belgrade smash 'n' grab becomes YouTube smash hit. Here is the video Kosovo za patike.

Gun buybacks a noble idea that always misfires

How the team at 'CSI: Denmark' stole my computer

Inside a female prison

Russian police hunt for thieves who stole a 200-tonne metal bridge

Top 10 Notorious Prisons

The Crazy Laws of California

Russian Police

Police sketch: ‘Faceless’ bank robber (Thailand). Brilliant.

Whimsical names of arrested Mafia bosses

Peruvian Anti-Riot Police Uniforms Look Like Judge Dredd Meets Batman

US leads world in jailing children for life

Wig Can’t Fool Cops :)

Roughed-Up Reveler Sues Club Over 3 Bottle Shakedown. Scary.

Victim of false rape claim must pay £12,500 for bed and board in jail

Another Asset Forfeiture Outrage. Homeowner kills burglar but government investigates and find a small amount of pot in home and proceed to confiscate his $400k in savings.

Judge Says Convicted Child Molester Too Short For Prison

Thieves cut off man's 'holy leg'

Judge suspended for jailing court

Dragnet That Ensnares Good Samaritans, Too

Interesting name for a lawyer

Authorities hope playing cards lead to arrests

Man's Wedding Ring Saved His Life

Ten Trials of the Century”

How Crime-scene Clean-up Works

Ex-prisoner buys his former cell

America's Craziest Laws

Va. judge fired after deciding case with coin flip

UK chooses 'most ludicrous laws'

David Bowie: Mug Shot Oddity. Unseen image from rock star's 1976 Rochester pot bust surfaces.

Man wrongly detained for 50 days has ISP to thank

Teenager 'hired hitman to kill mother after she confiscated his Playstation'

Crowd swipes dying man's groceries. Wow, how low can you go?

Russian Mafia Grave Tombs

If They Only Had A Brain!

Man Held Without Trial for 14 Years

Cambodian Police Take Cow Into Custody

Crime and Punishment - a photoset on Flickr. Photos around the theme of Crime and Punishment in the first half of the 20th century.

Man Steals Printer, Calls Tech Support, Lands in Jail

Cop Rock: 21 (Mostly Negative) Songs About Law Enforcement

Create your police sketch

So you wanna be a criminal? An 18th century English one at that.

Yet another 5-star prison - this one in Norway

Light and Crime. Interesting.

Best Mugshot Ever?

Mugger in Germany foiled by blind judo expert

Wanted: Gullible Lawyers. Columbia Law grad is scammed, along with 78 other professionals, into working for free for weeks.

Police tell woman who had bag snatched 'sorry, that's not a crime'

Russian killer lured victims with vodka

Gunman bursts into party, tastes cheese and wine, gets hug, then leaves

You Can Get Arrested for That!?

Top 10 Things NOT to Do If You Are Arrested

Teeing Off The Cops. Increasingly, the t-shirt is the canvas upon which Americans choose to express themselves. On the following pages you'll find mug shots of 10 recent arrestees offering fine example of these cotton belles lettres.

Bumbling Chinese bank robbers on trial for bizzare lottery heist

Malaysian minister defends caning of prisoners as gruesome video appears on internet

How Police Interrogation Works

Police dog left in the car to die; cop still on duty, no criminal charges

Top 10 Prison Survival Tips

The world's strangest laws

Unusual ways to punish criminals

Famous Athletes Who Went To Jail

The world's strangest laws and Strange British Laws

Prison where the back gate was left open

UK expat denies he is Lord Lucan

Prisons of the world

The Smoking Gun's tribute to mugshot hair

Inappropriate Hiding Place for Cellphone Puts Prisoner in Hospital

If You See a Father Holding His Child’s Hand, Call the Cops!

Man set for execution wants to die laughing

72 year old ex-Marine beats the crap out of 27 year old pickpocket

The creator of the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync has been indicted. Justice in action. :)

Inmates Won't Apply For Bail Because The Food Is Too Good

Overworked Policeman Stabbed Himself

It's OK when it's someone else's daughter. Man who defended cop who ejaculated on victim at traffic stop offended when his daughter is turned into internet sex icon.

The Raw Story | Thirty nine people said to have 'disappeared' in US custody

Chechen Self-Made Weapons

Dog Day Afternoon. No knock warrant in a house with a small child leads to the arrest of a man for traffic violations. Also leads to the destruction of a parked car and an inferno which destroyed the house and almost the neighbourhood. Oh yeah, the cops also burnt a puppy to death then laughed at it.

Robber caught - by mum

Why police officers turned a single theft into 542 cases

Man's 17-year Thai prison 'hell'

Armed cops in Lara Croft bust action

Lingerie-stealing elf jailed | Metro.co.uk

Arizona cops help a belligerent arrestee pose for his mug shot

Richard Pryor's FBI file

Smile, Though Your Heart Is Breaking. Always remember to "say cheese." Even if it's for your mug shot.

San Quentin prison scrapbook from 1932

Prisoner escaped from a high security jail in Germany after climbing into a cardboard box and posting himself to freedom

Quite possibly one of the best mug shots ever

Funny things people actually said in court

Statistics Canada: Canadian Dimensions: The State: Justice and crime

Uniform Crime Reports (US)

Outlaws and Highwaymen. The History of the Highwaymen and their Predecessors, the Medieval Outlaws.

Get The Kiddie-Cuffs, or Police State Pedagogy

Anti-Spam Suits and Booby-Trapped Motions. Guy "booby-traps" anti-spam court filings to prove judges ignore them.

World Gun Crime Map

100 year old British man fights off 3 teenage muggers

Top 25 Crimes of the Century

BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland | Elf defence for 'lingerie thief'

TAB's Police Hat Collection

Craziest Laws in America

Police Chief Writes Himself Ticket

Journal of an American in Japanese prison

Prison Consultant Service - Knowledge is the key

Family prison in Spain

Cool Police Vehicles

Thieves jack 14 GPS devices, forget to turn them off

The Biggest Crime You've Never Heard of -- Return Fraud -- and How the Criminals Do It

The colony for Russia's young offenders

The History of the Supreme Court

US Crime Statistics

ABC News: Prison Time For Viewing Porn? Very disturbing story considering how PC's on the internets work.

Busted - The Citizens Guide to Surviving Police Encounters - Google Video. 45 minutes long.

42 iPods stolen from Apple Store. No security, wiring or cameras. Sounds very suspicious.

How to get Police attention

Cagy Criminals and Their Inventions to Cope with Challenges in Prison

Albert Fish was an American serial killer and cannibal. He was also known as the Gray Man, the Werewolf of Wysteria and the Brooklyn Vampire.

Tattoo in prison makes molester a marked man

Lowry paintings stolen in gallery raid

Map Sex Offenders in your local area and neighborhood. Search for and find registered sexual predators in our free national registry. US only. It's time the UK had something like this.

Criminal Castration and Severed Penis crimes, Bobbitt - The Crime library

Florence Police have a new toy on Flickr

Police Cars Around The World

Top 10 Notorious prisons

Mugshot Battle

Man arrested for 226th time; Nebraska record safe - Aug 15, 2006

10 Greatest Robberies of all time

DOC's Prison Pen Pals

Dwarf sues state over fall from sink

Famous Trials

Homicide In Chicago 1870-1930

Florida's Felonious Fogeys. Geriatric mugshots.

Crime Comic Books of the 40s and 50s

FBI Top 12 Deaths of the Year

How to Report Internet-Related Crime

Homicides and Crime in New York City - New York Times Interactive Graphic

Dangerous Beauty: The Art of the Shiv

The Smoking Gun: Arresting Images

List of actors who were police officers

Chicago crime database

Free US Sex Offender Registry Mapping System

Daniel Gallagher mugshot - Mugshots.com more on the story here The Ugly Face of Crime

Police Codes and Abbreviations

How Police Interrogation Works

Wearside Jack - Wikipedia

A Prisoner's Dictionary

Alcatraz Island Official Web Page
Virtual Prison Tours of the Florida Department of Corrections and Virginia Super Maximum Security Prison

Crime Case Closed - Infamous Criminals

Weird American Laws

Prisons UK Blog

Crime Library: crime stories on serial killers, the mafia, terrorists, spies, assassins and gangsters

World Prison Populations

A lawyer with a suitable name

Serial killers and notorious murders

Serial Killers in the UK

Nineteenth-Century Texas Law Online, Gammel's The Laws of Texas

Happy Mug Shots

Top 100 Countries Top Crimes

Don't f*%k with Ovid. Geek tracks down identity thieves via luck and persistence.

Boing Boing: LAPD now has a blog and a Flickr stream

Mirrors. Photographs from the Arkansas State Prison 1915-1937.

National Sex Offender Public Registry and CriminalCheck.com is the only free National Sex Offender database site on the web that searches all states (and the District of Columbia) with one-click. Both US only.

Pet-Abuse.Com - Database of Criminal Animal Cruelty Cases

Police Auctions Online

Celebrity Crime

Crime Library: crime stories on serial killers, the mafia, terrorists, spies, assassins and gangsters

Chicago crime database

Best Places To Go To Prison

Most Wanted. State-by-state links to the U.S. most wanted criminals.

Prison Stats

Explore the life of 18th Century English criminal

Photographer Cosmin Bumbutz inside Romanian prisons

Spy Gadgets Equipment Notebook

Supermaxed - about supermax prisons in the USA

Huff’s Crime Blog

The Smoking Gun

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London 1674 to 1834

Most Wanted - Toronto Crime Stoppers

GangRule. Searchable records of organised crime families, biographies and information on notable historic events.

Crime and Clues - The Art and Science of Criminal Investigation

The best of England's new "Let's Keep Crime Down" campaign

Mugshot gallery

Graphic Junkies is a site maintained by an active law enforcement officer in the state of Georgia. I work in the South West Atlanta area. All of the photographs on this site were taken by me while on duty.

Flickr: The Maze Prison

The Amityville Murders- Crime Scene Photos

Infamous. Mugshots from Ada County, Idaho.

U. S. Crime Statistics Total and by State 1960 - 2000

Oklahoma County Courthouses

Double lives of New York's 'Mafia' cops

Police, Army Robots to Debut in 10 Years

Casebook: Jack the Ripper

Serious Organised Crime Agency? Or Thundercats?

Murder In The UK - Crime statistics. And for the US...Murder Rates 1995 - 2004

Metropolitan Police History

Who's A Rat - Largest Online Database of Informants and Agents

Outlaws and Highwaymen

Texas Prison Museum

Women Police in Iran - Google Video

Five Stages of Violent Crime

Find Out If The FBI Is Spying On You

Small Town Misfit

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics

The Smoking Gun's top 15 favorite mugshots of the year

Stupid Criminal File

FBI Announces Top Ten Art Crimes.

Alcatraz Island.

Dumb Laws.

Last Supper. The role of the institutionalized last meal of the prisoners on death row in the U.S.

Have you seen this man?
Crimestoppers - Most Wanted. A site new to the UK that started yesterday but it went down due to too many visitors but it's back up now.

Charles ng and his sidekick.

FBI Gangster Era Files.

Inmate Penpals. Lonely Attractive Male and Female Inmates in the USA Seek Penpals.

The Guide to Wacky Court Cases.

Most idiotic crimes of the 20th century.

Virtual Prison Tour from the Florida Department of Corrections.

Naughty girls
SWAPATORIUM: Girls Gone Wild. Female mug shots from the 1940's.

Famous Trials.

Dumb Criminals.

MI6 – the Secret Intelligence Service.

Things People Said: Courtroom Quotations.

Americas Electric Chairs.

Virtual Prison Tours - Death Row Cell.

Organized Crime Links.

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Just Beer

Legal Drinking Age Around The World

Six Controversial Moments in Beer Advertising

Vodka Gummi Bears

35 Interesting and Fun Alcohol Facts

Six-pack abs

Beer Bottle Domino

Move Over Beer Pong: A Dozen Alternative Drinking Games That’ll Get You Hammered

9 Things The Beer Can Do For You

Debunking 10 Myths About Guinness Stout

Thank heavens for Liquor!

Coors celebrates aluminum can's golden milestone

Drinks Your Father Drank

An Illustrated Guide to Whiskey

Man stabbed, ignores wound to finish his beer

Reasons to Drink

The Best Fictional Beer Brands on TV

Homemade Bacon Vodka

Monument to 'drunken pig' to go up in Ukraine

Aussie driver straps in beer, instead of child

The Science of Scotch

Craft Brewers Reformulate Beer to Cope With Hop Shortage

The Vodka Poison Ivy Cure...and 9 Other Weird Uses for Vodka

The Origin of Booze

7 Coolest Beer Gadgets

France may breathalyse clubbers

Whiskey Geeks Keep Moonshine Tradition Alive

Weird and Wacky Drinks

Wine labels with animals on them: why they work

7 Coolest Beer Gadgets

Booze Journal. A personal project to chronicle johnny's drinking habits on a day-to-day basis.

The beer prayer

The Ultimate All-in-One Beer Brewing Machine

Chinese beer consumption doubles in decade

Brits fattening up on booze

Russian Vodka Museum

A guide To After Hours Partying

Top 3 World’s Most Expensive Beer

YouTube - Focus north: The Pub-a-Van

How Bronze Age man enjoyed his pint

Great Beer Songs

How to Drink and Stay Healthy

Bronze Age brew proves a vintage ale

Driving Drunk: Legal Limits vary by Country in Europe

Drinks to Avoid Like the Plague

Some day all beer cans will open this easy

Beer in space: A short but frothy history

Report: Drunken astronauts allowed on shuttle

Recharge Your Car Battery With Wine

Space Winos

World Drinking Map

10 Drinks Men Should Never Order

Cooking With Beer

10 Greatest Alcohol Icons Of All Time

Man killed trying to stop drunk-driving girlfriend

Exploitpedia. Share your exploits here at Shiola.com via the 'Exploitpedia'. A collection of stitch-ups, regretful morning afters, drunk endeavours, drug fuelled adventure, beer goggle moments and the devil generally making work for idle hands.

YouTube - My Beers Around the World

10 Most Bizarre Beers

A Guide To Beer for Non-Beer Drinkers

Beer Can Pyramid. With link to time-lapse video of the construction.

World’s largest game of beer pong

Swedes welcome drink-drivers

One-third of Americans abuse alcohol: survey

Study Finds 5 Types Of Alcoholics

Beer Equations!: What happens when you add beer to your life

Center seeks volunteers for beer-tasting festival

11-year-old charged with driving drunk

How not to pour a beer

10 Most Bizarre Beers

How To Make Wine Out of Common Household Items

Absinthe Available In US For First Time Since 1912

10 Ways How To Open A Beer Without Using A Bottle Opener

Alcohol may prevent rheumatoid arthritis: study

Can you match all the beer bottles with the correct labels?

'Aftershave drink' kills Russians

Beer for flooded Australian town

Good Bar Tricks

Beer on a Stick Grabs Regulators' Attention

YouTube - Two Drunk Men. Using a bike to try and transport a huge log.

Canadian sentenced for driving wheelchair drunk

Small-scale Cider Making

Beer Festival Calendar

Fastest Beer Drinker Video

best of craigslist : From Your Bartender

The world’s most expensive whiskeys

Students invent powdered booze

Lords of the Drunk Sleeping Beauties

Top 10 drunk celebrities

Japanese beer for children

A Cocktail a Day Keeps Dementia Away

Beer label builder

Suburban Hobbyist Puts New Spin On Beer And Pizza

Humour: Additional warnings they should display on alcohol containers

The Eleven Most Annoying Bar People

Whipped for two beers

U.S. Drunk Driving Deaths Rise to Highest Level in 14 Years

Ethanol boom may fuel shortage of tequila


YouTube - Hakura's AMV: Weird Al - The Beer Song

The world's first 'beer battery'

Brewer must pay alcoholic beer taster

"Mothers Against Drunk Driving" Award-Winner. . . . .Arrested For DUI!

Drunk students learn lesson from peeved giraffe

Have you been drinking too much?

25 Best Beers In America

Diva Vodka, the world’s most expensive vodka

YouTube - Beer Bottle Bottom Blast. Neat trick.

World's Most Decadent Cocktails

Death Drinks of Rock Stars

Your Alcohol Habits Revealed In A Tuft Of Hair

Drunk man rides horse into bank

Booze Belt Will Transform You Into Drunk Cowboy - Gizmodo


Preserved in ice for 100 years, the whisky Shackleton used to keep out the cold

Last Call! An Anthology of Drinking Quotes

List of countries by beer consumption per capita - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

YouTube - Lego beer opener

Israel's ambassador to El Salvador found in street drunk, wearing only bondage gear

Prescription for Medicinal Liquor During Prohibition

Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale

The Beer Belly

What's in your wine?. Proposal to require labels to ID presence of allergens such as eggs, fish, milk, wheat used in winemaking alarms industry.

BBC NEWS - Supermarket asks man, 87, for ID

The Thunderbirds Drinking Game

Milk beer called 'Bilk' to go on sale in Hokkaido

Underage drinking is legal at NY college campus

Alcoholic Drinks that Help Lessen your Hangover

Beer can art

Drinking Beer - Top 10 Beer Myths

Fury over Disney 'children's champagne'

Newcastle Brown Ale Rarebit

Beer drinking records

CNY dairy turns wine into ice cream

Grandad builds his own 90-seat pub to beat the smoking ban

While You were sleeping and Drunk pictures

Ultimate Stop Motion Drunk Ownage Video

YouTube - Tequila

Whisky Tours Scotland

How it’s Made: Beer

Beer goggles effect explained

No Santa’s Butt Beer for Maine

Chug'd - Web 2.0 social beer drinkers network

Beautiful beer lost in the vaults since 1869

The Museum of Anti-Alcohol Posters from soviet propaganda era.

How to Brew Beer in a Coffee Pot.

Wino Wisdom.

Strangest Pubs in Britain.

Peltier beer cooler.

Alcohol Trivia.

The Drunktionary.

Beer Crate Mosaic.

The Budweiser International Snow Sculpture Championships 2005.


Smart beer mat orders refills.

Pub tricks and games.

Newcastle Brown Ice Cream.

Inflatable pub
Inflatable Pub.

Absinthe Recipes - How To Make Absinthe.

How to Pour a Perfect Beer.

Every Thirty Seconds, a man is hit by a drunk driver.

Beer Can Padlock Shim.

ProMash - Brewing Software For The Discriminating Brewer.

The Art of Drinking and Being Drunk.

Beer ads from around the world.

Peter F May's Unusual Wine Labels.

Reviews of Swiss, British, American, and Mexican beers.

Brain Death. Marijuana In Beer. More here.

The Health Benefits Of Beer.

Official Beer Pong Rules.

Drunken Shoutouts.

How to make your own beer with a Teakettle Still.

The X86 Still.

Alcohol Warning. Neat Flash thingy.


Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers.

Drunk Pictures.

Supersize Me - With Whisky.

How to Make your own beer.


Henry's Beer Links.

The Undrinkable Cocktail.

Jan's Beer Pages.

Beer Labels.

All about Alcohol. Check the fun facts.

The London Beer Flood of 1814. Sounds too good to be true.

How to Get Good and Drunk.

Birthing Under The Influence from The Smoking Gun.

Modern Drunkard Magazine presents 365 Excuses To Get Drunk.

One disgusting house. Check out all the beer cans.

July is American Beer Month.

The Worst Beers In The World from RateBeer.com

The Oxford Bottled Beer Database.

Mmmmm. Beer
Beer History.com. (via)

I Love Beer Mats.

RustyCans: Information on Beer Can Collecting.

How to make your own wine.... when you are in prison.

The LIVEDRUNK Wristband.

Escape From Eluned. Lots of pictures of sleeping drunks with stuff piled on them.

Brew your own Beer. 640 Mouth-Watering Homebrew Recipes.

Day After The Party NSFW pictures.

Booze Monger. 12,000 Drink Recipes.

Ultimate Beer Gut Contest 2001.

One-year-old arrested and imprisoned for stealing Vodka in Mexico.

MyBudweiser.com. Get your @budweiser.com email address.

Beer o’clock. A new Firefox extension.

Friday Alcohoroscopes.

Comics for Alcoholics.

The Beer Wench.

A bottle opener ring. I know someone who could use one of these. He often uses his teeth if there is nothing elsearound.

Beer = Devil
Beer Bottle Cap Gallery.

Beer Bottle Organ.

One for Neil. History of Scotch Whisky.

Virtual Bartender 2. Twice the fun.

Like your Beer and not sure what to buy? Then you need trampjuice.tk.

How To Use Beer.

Home sweet home
Beer Can Bob - Stupid pictures. Why, he's even been to Newcastle.

A bottle of Dog. We don't call it Newcy Brown here in Newcastle
The Oxford Bottled Beer Database. Of course, it has a page on our very own Newcastle Brown Ale.

Modern Drunkard presents The Etiquette of Vomiting.

Beer Recipes.

Drunk Talk. The new crop of beer slang.

The Museum of Anti-Alcohol Posters from the soviet propaganda era.

Fools. One person is dead and three are gravely ill after a tequila-drinking competition in Santo Domingo.

AWOL releases single user machine. You know, alcohol without liquid.

Beer Brewing Monkeys of Borneo.

Bar Tricks.

First Drink of the Day. Excellent.

Hail the Ale!. A Beer Blog.

Homers Beer Run. Online flash simpsons game.

Scottish minister says it's okay to get drunk "once in a while".

Beer fights cancer: official.

Queer Beer launched for gays.

Death blamed on alcohol enema.

Funny picture. Interesting Barstools.

The evils of tea (and the virtues of beer).

Alcohol and You.

Guess the Beer Label.

Beer is good for you. Needs sound.

The Online Guide to Traditional Pub Games

Welcome to PISS BEER. Honestly, that's what it is called.

Beer History Photo Gallery

For when you have had too much..The vomit dictionary.

Molecular Expressions Photo Gallery. In other words, what Beer looks like under a microscope. The Beer Collection

Beer Sayings.

141 words for 'drunk'

Drunk prank photos.

Beer vs. Jesus. Top 10 Reasons Why Beer Is Better Than Christianity.

Don't drink and drive as it may lead to this. Yes, you. Don't do it, it's not worth it.
Be warned that this link contains some of the most horrific images i have ever seen.

Beer Bottles Sorted By Brewery. This is quite a collection.

Shamings. Shamings is a showcase of what happens when people get drunk enough to not care that their friends are messing with them.

Beer 101.

Cooking with Beer.

Am i wasted?. Where you rate how wasted people look.

The 5 stages of drunkenness. So true.

Simplest Homemade Beer. You can make your own homemade beer with little effort and a fraction of the cost of commercial beer. This simple method uses just one fermenting process, so only one container is needed. Large, reusable 2 liter plastic pop bottles are used to bottle the beer, saving the work of washing, bottling and capping 60 - 70 regular-size glass bottles. And with every batch, you're sparing the environment the impact of manufacturing 60 - 70 aluminum cans or glass bottles.

Drinking games.

Beer wallpapers.

The Top Drunks Cards. Top Trumps for Alcoholics.

A repost but still brilliant Flash goodness. Beer is good for you. Needs sound.

86 Rules of Boozing.

Loads of Beer links from Growabrain.

One for the morning after. So you wanna cure your hangover.

The Beer Can House.

What Kind of Drunk Are You?

Drinkometer 2 - The Night out Drinking Simulator. via
You will begin at home in your lounge, where you can begin the drinking or go straight out to the pub, restaurant, nightclub or kebab. In each area feel free to click around, you never know what you might find.

Best hangover cure? Ask the public.

Beer Monster. Brilliant game. Collect the cans and avoid the flames.

Drink Ease - Weird and Wacky Ways To Remedy to Counter Hang Overs.

Beer Dictionaries.

Don't be stupid

YAY! Friday.

A game for the BoyRacers. Uniroyal Fun Cup.

Torture & Death Penalty Instruments. From the Middle Ages to the Industrial Era

How to be a Pimp in 8 easy steps.

USB Christmas Tree.

A Q&A session with The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.

The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities. A handy guide.

The complete guide to uninstalling Windows.

Keeping Clean. A guide by Christians for people with OCD's. Probably.

Norwegian accidentally invents fogkilling machine. With amazing pics.

Ugly baby gallery.

Gallery of the absurd.

George Radebaugh-CD sculpture.

Find A Grave. See the graves of thousands of famous people from around the world.

National Lampoon's Guide to foreigners around the world. This link could offend some people. You have been warned.

More chainsaw art.

Clay's Simpson's Songs Wav Page.

Galagon 2004. Use the arrows to move and the space bar to fire in this flash Galaga clone.

So that is where our Dogs has gone to. The 10th Annual Urban Iditarod. People dress up like dogs and propel shopping carts around San Francisco.

Abston Church of Christ. Not just any old church, it's made of Lego. Amazing!

Manchester's fridge mountain.

One for Tim. watch out for them birds.

Robbie had 4 Spice Girls.

MicroFox. Microsoft release screenshot of MSN search showing they are using Firefox.

Greek Gods Family Tree.

Loads of Green Day videos to download including the recent AOL sessions.

Pandas do handstand to pee up trees. With pic.

Burglar needs rescued by the police. With pic.

Most idiotic crimes of the 20th century.

A portable PS2.