Thursday, December 16, 2004

Good Morning

Robert Crumb's A Short History of America.

Jazz, Funk, Soul, Disco joints sampled in House, Hip-hop, and others.

About Google Scholar.

Top 10 Alternatives.

Lois Lane Index.

Anatomical Chart Company.

Do You Remember? Welcome to the ultimate online resource of nostalgia and memorabilia from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Who's who on the cover of Sgt. Peppers. There's a prize on offer for whoever can tell me which Newcastle United player featured on there.

How Old Is My Dog In Human Years?

"Crack Ho" and "Hoochie" Added To Oxford Dictionary.

Extreme Christmas Lights.

Celebrity ipod's.

Free online music mixing program from Red Bull. - Spaz Juice

Apple fights RealNetworks' 'hacker tactics'.

Pearl Harbor Posters from the National Archives.

Weird eBay item. Virgin Mary Cheese Nativity Scene Hotdog Smokies.

Taxidermy Art. Includes the Winged kitten above.

George W. Bush Lego Mosaic.

Half Life 2:Cookies Edition. This guy went to some lengths to make these.

The Beer Can House.

Kevin Costner Steals Babies?

Phong's Tarantulas!. Lots of picture of big hairy spiders. The colours on some of them are amazing.


Video. Bike Stunt Gone VERY Bad at Kontraband.

Wiff-ney Spears.

Extremely expensive Dog and Cat Houses.

Chronology of Comics. From 1856 onwards.

Distribution of Fight Graphics in Batman Episodes. You know, words like BIFF(34 times), KAPOW (50 times) and KER-PLOP(once).

And finally...
Viaduc de Millau. The official site.

  • 2,460 metres : Total length of the deck
  • 7 Number of pillars
  • 77 metres : Shortest pillar
  • 240 metres : Highest pillar
  • 87 metres : Height of the pylons
  • 154 : Number of stays
  • 4.20 metres : Thickness of the deck
  • 32.05 metres : Width of the deck
  • 85,000 m3 : Total volume of concrete
  • 36,000 tons : Weight of the metal structure

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