Thursday, October 07, 2004

OOH! Shiny

A while back i installed a bit of code on the date on each days posts which you could click on to find out what happened on this day at Wikipedia which was really cool. This code came from wor kid (mmChronic)@New Links. Well now he has extended the code further so you can click to find out what happened on this day at the BBC,IMDB and The History Channel as well. If you have a Blogspot site you can install the code in less than 2 minutes, it's really easy, with a bit of cutting and pasting in your template. I'm no coder and i know very little HTML but it does'nt matter if you are a knaa nowt(Geordie for know nothing)like our Dogs@New Links, it really is very easy to do. ;)
Full simple details here. Thanks again mm.

A couple of other changes to tell you about. In the sidebar you can click on the "most visited" posts which are proving very popular at the minute and you can also click on the link underneath "Newcastle United Wallpapers" to see a list of all the wallpapers that i have posted as i notice people are only getting one or two when they come here from search engines. If you have any Newcastle United wallpapers that you did'nt get from here please mail them to me and i will give you and/or your site a mention. I'm also always looking for links to Good Newcastle United that sites that i have missed as I'm going to overhaul them links soon(ish)and get rid of the dead ones or the ones that don't update very much.

You can also send me any funny links that you have found on the net and i will publish the best and give you a mention etc.

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