Sunday, November 30, 2003

Houses and Buildings 2

Neat Bridges

Googie Architecture Online

Iran’s stunning wooden village

Baldwin Street, the steepest street in the world

Ever seen a creepier tower?

How To Demolish A Skyscraper One Floor At A Time

7 Unique Beach and Lake Houses

Buildings in Motion

'Neglect' of Bletchley condemned. See gruntzooki's photostream - Bletchley Park

Architectural Genius of Antoni Gaudi

when geeks and stained glass collide

Demolition Derby in Glasgow

Olympics Stadium… the ‘Village Version’

It's Lovely! I'll Take It!

Dismantling the World's Largest Gantry Crane

4 Amazing Ancient Cities of Colour

Slovenia’s Gorgeous Honeycomb Housing Complex

in action: a skyscraper’s amazing 728-ton stabilising ball

Dynamic Tower Skyscraper: Every Floor Self-Rotates, Powered by Wind and Sun

Woman builds house from junked jumbo jet

Superb Examples of Architectural Adaptive Reuse

In Pictures: America's Oldest Neighborhoods

living on the edge: 2 stunningly scary clifftop communities

Property Shock for Owner of '£80,000 Home' Valued at £1

The Bank That Was Sent Through the Post Office

What Were They Thinking? Homes Edition

Golden Gate Bridge

Inside The World's First Billion-Dollar Home

Gephyrophobiacs: look away now. The stunning sky bridge in Langkawi, Malaysia.

Impossible Is Nothing!

The Shipping Container Building

18 (More) Crazy, Creepy and Kinky Hotel Rooms: From Japanese Fantasy to Time-Lapse Photography

Japanese woman caught living in man's closet

Russian architecture

Treehouses for All Occasions

The Tallest Building In The World Is Burj Dubai

The Beauty of Bridges

The school of the future

China's Instant Cities

Kudzu covered houses

5 year construction of the new Opera House in Oslo,compressed into a 3 minutes time-lapse video. Lower quality YouTube here Norwegian Opera built in 3 minutes.

Mole Man to pay £300,000 for burrowing under home

Top 10 Most Ridiculous, Obnoxious, and Just Plain Ugly Celebrity Houses

From Icehotel to the Astronomers Inn, the world's best science-themed hotels and restaurants

The buildings that taste forgot

Desert Getaway

Man evicted from 'amazing' treehouse

Embarrassing Moments in Engineering (and what they taught us)

5 Incredible Buildings Made of Ice

The cul-de-sac of all cul-de-sacs?

The Palace in Azerbaijan

Giralda Towers in the United States

Homes of the world’s billionaires

5 Extraordinary Uses Of Caves

Old Russian Luxury Houses

Home Inspection Nightmares

The Making of 5 Modern Marvels of Engineering: Construction Truths Behind Contemporary Wonders

The House(s) That Spite Built

Gravity Defying Homes

onverted water tower

Roman Abramovich to build Britain's most expensive home

Mile-High Skyscrapers and Floating Cities That Never Were

Is this not the most insane building in the world?

Ronaldinho's Spanish beach house

Pitfalls in paradise: why Palm Jumeirah is struggling to live up to the hype

Shipping Container house Wellington NZ

The "Falling Towers" of New Chinese TV Center

The future in Dubai

8 Hotels You Won't Believe

Widow who bought dream home for £8,000 in 1949 refuses to sell it - despite £8MILLION price tag

5 Incredible Works of Insane Architectural Genius

Six Houses Guaranteed to Make Yours Look Puny

The World’s Wackiest Foreign Homes

Signal Mountain Space House To Be Auctioned

Redneck Mansion

Modern Floating Villa - Villa Nackros

Maxwell's Fire, Minneapolis. A 130 year old brick building goes up in flames. When the fire crews have to spray down the building (and the surrounding city block) in sub-zero temperatures, the end result looks stunning.

Blue building

The Stump House

Tilted Japanese House

he frightening grid of nezahualcoyotl

Family size three-seat privy listed

Handmade Home

The Amazing Nautilus Shell House

Hands down, the coolest skyscraper ever made

Ten Longest Bridges In World

17 Extreme Houseboats and Houseboat Designs: From Luxury Habitats to Humble Floating Homes

How I built my house for £4,000

Dubai to Build the World's Largest Arch Bridge in 2012

Where the world's most remote houses are located

Notre Dam de Paris

The Mystery of the Sinking Palace

Ikea's flat-pack village

The Worst Building in the History of Mankind

Sale of ‘Top Whack Mansion’ is £50m record

15 of America’s Filthiest Homes

Top 8 Most Amazing Tree Houses

Historic Lighthouses of the United States

The 8 Houses of Bling

Planned Dubai Skyscraper with Rotating Floors. More here Wikipedia.

The grand shaft - amazing military engineering

RMF Radio Station in Poland Occupies 21st Century Facility

Famous TV Homes

Hidden Truth About Taj Mahal

The world’s nicest social-housing complex?

15 of The Greenest Buildings in The World

Guy Turns Garage into One-Lane Bowling Alley

Hidden Room, Hidden Danger. Family finds secret room full of toxic mould (and note) in newly purchased house.

World’s Biggest Building Coming to Moscow: Crystal Island

Hotels Cheap - Celebrity Hotel Rooms

Steve's Weird House - Seattle's Strangest Home & Private Museum

Cruella de Villa for dead Dalmatian

The World's Tallest Buildings in 1884 (PIC)

7 of the coolest fire stations on earth

Man (Re)Builds Mexican Island Paradise on 250,000 Recycled Floating Bottles

Going to School in a Cave

World's Most Exclusive Hotel

12 stunning lighthouses

World Cup 2010 Stadiums

The Castle Builders: 15 best self built castles

Covered Bridges of Madison County, Iowa

6 Incredible Ocean-Going Hotels from Around the World

Celebrity Mansions

incredible engineering: the maeslant storm surge barrier

Toilet-Shaped House Offers Relief to the WC-Needy

Robert Bruno’s Steel House

Leaning tower of Pisa loses title

Top 100 Architecture Blogs

9 creative staircases

A German church steeple has knocked the leaning tower of Pisa from the Guinness Book of Records as the world's most lopsided building

Strange housing development in Denmark

An Appartment in Kharkov Style

Stuck between a rock and a hard place

Olle Lundberg's Cabin

Val Kilmer's Treehouse

How to move a 900-ton brick building

7 Engineering Wonders of the Modern World: Contemporary World Record-Setting Construction

Man lived with 61 cats in 3-bed terrace

Amazing House of Steel

Houses built on bottles

Beer Cans House

Potala Palace in Tibet

Toronto's smallest house (about 300 square feet), built in a former driveway

Welcome to my Piano House, Step into my Violin

PCL LinkDump: The Architecture of Paul Rudolph

Titan Missile Base Central Washington for sale oneBay.

10 Amazing new buildings in China

25 Incredible (Real) Abodes

10 of the Narrowest Houses in the World

The House That Moves With You

The Broken Column House

Ferdinand Cheval's Ideal Palace

Neat Bridges

Amazing Architectural Wonders on your desktop.

Interesting elevators. Excellent post.

Librophiliac Love Letter: A Compendium of Beautiful Libraries

Couple's home-sweet-home in hotel

Your Swingin' Pad - a photoset on Flickr

World’s Worst Construction Mistakes

9 of the most repulsive buildings on earth

The Apartment at the Mall

And you think you’re cramped?

World's Highest Escalator

Flickr: 1979 Living Room of the Future

the world’s first skyscrapers

Alternative & Crazy Home Construction Materials : Beer Cans, Tires & Cardboard

Pie Town Dugout: 1940

Hitler’s 4km long hotel complex

House On A Stick

World’s Weirdest Hotels

Death Star of Minsk

Boast costs man his home

The Bates Motel in Vale, OR

When Construction Goes Wrong

Rod Rylander’s Hobbit House

105-Metre Long Ship Destroys House

Capsule Living

Home sweet cement pipe. A Chinese man has built a house out of two cement pipes.

When You Sell Your Apartment, Take the Fridge with the Cut-Up Body Parts With You

A topsy-turvy demolition job. Contractors are having to demolish a building in London from the bottom up.

The upside-down house

5 Architects Who Defy Convention

Tree Truck Tree House

AT&T Long Lines Building. A massive windowless stone building in the middle of Soho.

Photos of the Classic Route 66 Wigwam Motel in Rialto, California

California - Famous One Log House

Woman content living in 84-sq. ft. dream home

'Most expensive' US home on sale

Paris windows

Extreme Engineering: A bridge across the Bering Strait?

The Spider Web Chalet

Man-made island fit for a Bond villain up for sale - for £4 million

House Made from Matches

Teenager from rural Malawi builds a windwill out of scrap, to power his home!

Incredible treehouses

Presidential Homes around the world

Cave home up for sale
Cave home up for sale

The Mosaic Tile House

The most expensive home in the U.S.

The Bubble House

List of Separation Barriers from Around the World

New York Rooftop Water Tanks

I guess that's a way to install a window

Scientist 'booby-trapped own home' to guard against burglars

Chinese Hotel shaped like a waterfall

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Houses in Unusual Places. I'm sure you've all seen the photos but which are real?

After harsh blizzard this house was completely frozen in ice

Amazing 3 Dimensional wall paintings

5 Tips for Fooling the Eye and Making a Room Look Bigger

The $592 Million U.S. Embassy In Iraq

Haines Shoe House

Fantastic Bridges Photos [Pics]

Galveston on Stilts. An entire town was raised on stilts after a hurricane plowed through it in 1900.

How the Other Half Lives - Studies Among the Tenements of New York (1890)

India's richest man builds 60-storey home

A True Treehouse

Digital Archive of European Architecture

Inside the Hobbit House

20 Bizarre Hotels

Skyscraper Creates All Its Own Energy

Shocking Pig Sty

Star Trek flat sold on eBay

House Hacker :: Stuff for Home

Bird's Eye view of Michael Jordan's Home

Landlord's Nightmare Photo Gallery

Construction Stages of Eiffel Tower

Strange Houses

Home Inspection Nightmares photo gallery, Vol. 5

Dirtiest Room Ever

America's Favorite Architecture

When a student live alone

Researchers find ceiling height can affect how a person thinks, feels and acts

Homes in New Foundland take a tumble off the side of a cliff

The Colour of Your Home's Walls Reveals Your Personality

Stephen King's house

A Very Short Walk Around A Tokyo Apartment

A geek in Japan - Thin buildings

Architecture Portal News: Glass Floor [Pics]. I feel dizzy just looking at the photos!

Moscow's suburb for billionaires

Cool Murals and Painted Buildings

7 Inventive Ways to Live in a Closet

Amazing Green Building: The ACROS Fukuoka

Inventor makes rotating eco-home

Dancing towers of Dubai

Cool architecture photos

Skyscraper Gets Covered In 7000 Solar Panels

Hanoi's cable-encrusted houses

Houses made of waste - the same price as concrete, but six times stronger

Beijing Bubble Building: China’s National Swim Center

Home trashed after cruel Craigslist hoax. See video here YouTube - Home Trashed After Craigslist Hoax

Welcome to Ikeatown. Prefab housing by Ikea.

Bonifacico. EEK!

Asia’s Craziest Buildings

NewYork Carver. Learn about the beautiful and vanishing art of Gothic stone carving. Take a virtual tour of Gothic architecture around the world.

China's Wulihe Stadium razed to the ground. Pics and video.

33 Weird , Unusual shaped houses from around the world

Dirty House

Castle which integrates into a cave

Apple fanboy crafts Mac heaven in ultra-mod home

New York Architecture Images

Micro Compact Home

Top 10 Most Popular Castles

Spluch: Window that transforms into a balcony

World's Most Expensive Homes 2007

8 wackiest hotels from around the world

10 AmazingTemples of India

Ice House

The Jack Chow Insurancein Vancouver’s Chinatown
World's Narrowest Office Building

Top 4 Weirdest Buildings in Japan

BBC NEWS - 'Table-sized flat' for £170,000

Hidden Lake Lookout

Bad Tenants

Strange colours
Architecture of Density. Michael Wolf Photography.

The Narrowest House

Husband Saws House In Half During Bitter Divorce

The Cuyahoga County Courthouse. Beautiful.

7 slimy landlord tactics

Strange Houses Around The World

Habitat St., 67 - Montreal, Quebec

Karl Marx Hof - Karl Ehn - Great Buildings Online. Considered the longest single residential building in the world.

Best Geek Hotels in the World

In Pictures: Billionaire Homes

Home becomes an 'island' in building row. UPDATE: 'Nail house' in Chongqing demolished. Thanks Gary.

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