Thursday, April 17, 2014

Military Dolphins and Sea Lions

Japan Halts Whaling Program in Response to International Court Ruling

When life gives you invasive jellyfish.... turn them into paper towels and diapers!

Bad Day for Captive Orcas: California's 'Blackfish' Bill Stalls

Military Dolphins and Sea Lions: What Do They Do and Who Uses Them?

New mapping technique may aid Scottish shark projects

Rare oarfish sighted off coast of Mexico

Elusive Whales Set New Record for Depth and Length of Dives Among Mammals

Narwhal's Trademark Tusk Acts Like a Sensor, Scientist Says

Ukraine's combat dolphins now swim for Russia

Here's All the Places Around the World That Ban Orca Captivity

This giant, prehistoric shrimp had bizarre feeding filters built into its face

27 Moray Eels Who Cannot BELIEVE What That Bitch Just Said To You

Sea snakes are the camels of the ocean

Lady Gaga has nothing on these bizarre marine worms

Drone films dolphin stampede

18 Facts To Help You Appreciate Manatees

The Real Darwin Fish

Gulf Oil Spill "Not Over": Dolphins, Turtles Dying in Record Numbers

Corals, sponges erupt with action in time-lapse video

Is This The Happiest Turtle In The World?

Adorably tiny crayfish is also a cannibal

Can science stop sharks attacking humans?

New animal hospital to take in endangered Hawaiian monk seals

Zombie bass and the rise of electro-fishing

Female humpback whales swim to shallows to avoid sexual harassment

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Panda Sutra – the Ups and Downs of Getting Grumpy Bears to Have Sex

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This Baby Goat Wants Your Attention In A Startlingly Adorable Way

To breed condors in captivity, we must pull on the strings of nature. But does that matter if we save a species?

University fences off aggressive racist swan that only attacks foreign students

Abandoned crocodile lassoed in Roseville strip mall

Ocelot Kitten Tussles Adorably With Doggy BFF For Control Of Stuffed Giraffe

Q&A: A Kenyan Priest Talks About His Commitment to Saving Wildlife

Elderly golden retriever, baby chicks take interspecies' cooperation to a whole new level

Ex-poachers and farmers work together to protect endangered pangolins

There’s A Facebook Page About Animals Getting Stuck In Objects And It’s Gold

Vaseline used to free tortoise Tommy from sundial

The 100 most distinct and rare birds

Panda Sutra – the Ups and Downs of Getting Grumpy Bears to Have Sex

16 Baby Skunks Who Are Freaking Adorable

This Bird Can Speak Japanese Better Than You Can

9 videos of big cats acting like house cats

Meet Goliath: the world's biggest lamb

11 Insane Explanations For The Weirdest Behaviors In The Animal Kingdom

23 of the cutest state animals

Modern lions' origin revealed by genetic analysis

Guys, Squeaking Baby Sloths Are A Thing And We Need To Talk About Them

Why you don't need to worry about giant, invincible man-eating super-rats

Pet parrot comes to the rescue during assault in Sunny Hill Park, Hendon

How much do you know about farm animals?

This Horse Doing Yoga Will Make You Uncomfortable But It’s Actually Very Sweet

RSPB doubles reward to £10,000 in hunt for birds of prey poisoner

Deadly bat epidemic spreads, now in half of U.S. states

Wild animals in your city

23 Bunnies Snoozin’

Baby meerkats pose for the camera, take their own photos

The Daily Wild: Nature's Most Incredible Creatures

20 Weird Animals That Prove Evolution Was Drunk

Prosthetics aren't just for people: 'My Bionic Pet' highlights disabled animals that got a second chance

The Heartwarming Story Of A Blind Gerbil’s Quest For Friendship

'Rats are eating my new home': Family's plea

Behold the geep! Rare goat-sheep hybrid born in Ireland

The week in wildlife - in pictures

17 Reasons To Love Marmosets

20 pygmy animal species from around the world

Something Is Fishy About This Rare Bat's Diet

17 Baby Elephants Learning How To Use Their Trunks

10 animals only found in the rainforest

Cost of policing cull is £1,872 per badger

These Hedgehog Faces Are The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Twitter

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The Murmurations of Starlings

17 Terrifying X-Rays That Will Forever Change The Way You Look At Animals

Meet Lacey The Alpaca And Her Cute Kitten Friends

The Murmurations of Starlings

Goats are far more clever than previously thought

One of World's Last Sumatran Rhinos Dies at Cincinnati Zoo

Pheasant 'terrorist' tormenting a Cambridgeshire farm

Giant pythons have 'homing instinct'

Why Do Animals Sometimes Kill Their Babies?

March Comes In Like Four Seriously Cute Lions

Twitchers flock to see great spotted cuckoo

Watch a Giant Panda Cuddle Her Baby Back to Bed

No bull! Buffaloes run free in Sydney

Climate Change Shrinks Salamanders

An Elephant Met Another Elephant for the First Time in 37 Years And It Was Adorable as Expected

Copenhagen Zoo Kills 4 Lions After Controversial Giraffe Death

8 things you didn't know about guinea pigs

PHOTOS: One Very Hungry Snake Eats a Crocodile

Animal rescue center tries 'OWLcupuncture' to heal wounded bird

In pictures: Top British garden birds revealed

Crows solve puzzles on par with 7-year-olds

How to support your local wildlife this spring

This Bunny Has Perfect, Luscious Donald Trump Hair

George Clooney inspired Arnold Schwarzenegger to get a pig

Rescuers airlift horse out of Angeles National Forest

Baby rhino goes on daily runs with her rescuers

Cute Clouded Leopard Cubs Born in Denver

Discovery of 13 dead birds of prey in small area of Highlands is 'unprecedented'

Animal photos of the week

Sumatran tiger cubs explore their enclosure at London Zoo for first time

Python in the dog house after eating family pet

Detroit Should Use Goats To Mow Vacant Lots

Coo, what a cheek! The woodpigeon really is the bully of the bird table

Python eats croc: when two (or more) species go to war - the 12 most amazing animal battles ever recorded

This sad map shows where lions used to live (red) and where they remain today (blue)